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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is used when, for whatever reason, you’ve lost some teeth. Perhaps this is due to age, an accident, or tooth decay. When these things happen, our dentists can help you restore your smile, and get your teeth strong and healthy again. If you need restorative dentistry service, or you’d like to speak to an expert, call 916-427-7227 today. We’ll take care of you.
Dental Root Canal Treatment — General Dentistry in Sacramento, CA

Root Canals

A root canal is done when tooth decay has damaged the tooth too much, and a simple filling won’t do. In order to prevent infection and keep you healthy, we have to rid the tooth of infection. This is done by a team of expert hygienists and doctors, who will remove the infection and restore the tooth to a healthy state.
Although this procedure is often stereotyped as being painful, our experts will ensure that you are completely comfortable. We want to help you be at ease. Call our office today and schedule an exam. We’ll help you get the best treatment and care.

Implants and Dentures

At Family Dental Group, we offer the best options for implants and dentures. We provide quality services and procedures and only use the best products available. Our implants are state-of-the-art. They will help keep your teeth strong and ensure their best possible function. Our implants support themselves, so they won’t compromise the structure and integrity of your other teeth. Our implants look natural and are as strong as normal teeth. Call now to schedule an appointment.

Socket Preservation

Socket preservation protects the bone around the space where an extracted tooth used to be. Without socket preservation, the bone can deteriorate over time and make you look older. Dr. Kumar goes the extra mile to help you maintain healthy teeth.
Call our office at 916-427-7227 today to find out more about restorative dentistry procedures and services. Whether you need a root canal or socket preservation, we can help you. Call now – we’re happy to answer your questions.