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Cosmetic Dentistry in Sacramento

Crowns and Fillings

You could need a crown or a filling for a number of reasons. Ultimately, though, crowns and fillings serve the same purpose – to protect and strengthen your teeth. However, just because crowns and fillings are necessary, doesn’t mean they have to call attention to themselves. We offer crowns and fillings that look so natural, only you will know they’re there. Don’t let your dental work be distracting. Call our office today and schedule an appointment. We’ll take care of you. Call 916-427-7227 now.
Old Silver Filling
New Porcelain Filling
It is important to examine and maintain old crows as bacteria can get underneath them and cause disease.
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Enhance Your Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry is meant to enhance your smile and to help you feel positive about your teeth. We strive to maintain not only your dental health but also your teeth’s function and beauty. Our expert dentists and hygienists will get your teeth looking beautiful, so you can show off your radiant smile. With many cosmetic dentistry options available, Family Dental Group can help you with all of your cosmetic dental needs. Call us today and schedule an appointment.

Teeth Whitening

There are many reasons your teeth can become discolored. It could be caused by poor nutrition, or as a result of a new medication. If nothing else, it could just be due to age. Just as our hair grays as we get older, our teeth yellow over time. Although this is entirely natural, many people wish to have sparkling white teeth. Our office offers many options to safely and effectively whiten your teeth and restore your confident smile.
Show off that beautiful smile by getting your teeth pearly white again. Call our office today and ask our experts for details. Call 916-427-7227 today.
Call Family Dental Group for quality cosmetic dentistry and services. We’ll keep your teeth looking beautiful.