Affordable Dental Implants in Sacramento


Replacing Teeth Has Never Been Easier

Missing teeth make it easy to be self-conscious and make it difficult to eat. Replacing them can seem expensive and painful, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Replacing teeth doesn’t have to be hard or scary. Our expert dentists are experienced and highly skilled in tooth replacement solutions. Have you been quoted outrageous costs? Dr. Kumar can help you – call us for a second opinion. Our affordable options and expert team make Family Dental Group the best choice for implant surgeries.
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Benefits of Choosing Implants

When it comes to replacement options for missing teeth, implants are the best and most popular option. Unlike traditional dentures, they won’t slip or shift. They are as secure as your natural teeth, so you don’t have to worry about potentially embarrassing situations. You clean them like normal teeth, which means you don’t have to take them out at night – you can just continue with your nightly dental care routine. Implants are meant to make your life easier, not harder.
Implants support themselves, which means there will be no structural loss of your jaw or surrounding teeth. Your jawbone will be preserved, and your neighboring teeth won’t have to support the implant at all. This means better overall dental and oral health. With implants, you can chew and speak with ease. Implants are the most natural-looking cosmetic solution for replacing your missing teeth. Call now and schedule an appointment.
At Family Dental Group, we want you to feel confident about your smile. Don’t let missing teeth keep you from being happy and radiant. Call our office today and choose the ideal cosmetic solution for missing teeth. Choose affordable implants. Call Family Dental Group at 916-427-2772 today. We’ll take care of you.