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About the Doctor

Dr. Kumar graduated from the Dental School of India. He took the California state boards in 1979. He then worked for one of the largest dental practices in Sacramento until 1985, when he purchased the office where he practices today. Dr. Kumar attends dental seminars and classes throughout the year to ensure he is keeping up with the latest technology to provide the best dental treatment and experience.
Portrait of a Dentist Team — General Dentistry in Sacramento, CA
Dr. Kumar cares about his local community, providing personal and comprehensive care. He knows how important his patients’ image is to them and derives great pleasure in restoring damaged or missing teeth, so his patients can smile with confidence.

Our patient confidence is very important. Dr. Kumar dedicates the time to sit with each patient to educate them on their condition and recommendation of treatment. This could include drawing pictures and showing photographs of the type of treatment he is recommending, to provide his patients a complete understanding of their condition and their treatment. Dr. Kumar delivers the highest quality dental work.

Dr. Kumar educates his patients in proper dental hygiene, because healthy gums and bones lead to better overall health.